Christina Milian Out and About…Again

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Here is your girl, Christina Milian, leaving Hollyweird’s Echo Bar last night, soaking up that attention from her latest album sales… Oops, our bad, wrong entertainer. She still looks good, though.

More pictures below

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  • Raquel26

    Okay…..sooooooo…..she’s out and about.

    I’ma be out and about later this evening. Wanna take a pic of me? lol
    Hey, I’m not famous just liek she isnt! :)

  • Raquel26


  • gDUB

    Love the boots! Get a job!

  • MeMe_Slim

    How does she eat? What does she do?

  • Raquel26

    @Me_Me Slim:

    Good question. Hey, she could have been one of the smart ones who actually banked some bread from her previous work. May not be alot, but she still surviving out there.


  • Tasha

    She’s usually always on point. Very cute girl and those boots are the business!!!

  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    :shock: Lovin the boots!

  • Uncle Daddy

    Loooks good but what makes her relevant?

  • If Money Is The Root Of All Evil, Then P*ssy Gotta Be The Tree!

    I would beat guts, no if ands or buts about that shyt!

  • Eden

    she is the black poor version of the Hilton sisters…..always wanna be seen

  • candylicker

    Them boots!!!

  • BossLa

    Nice boots, look like she put on a few pounds but it looks good on her, or maybe it just how the photo is. Cute tho..

  • Zoe

    Not feeling those boots.
    And how do some of you know that she is poor? Are you all in her pockets? Good Grief. I bet she probably has more money than most if not all of you that makes comments about her not having money!

  • http://bos, toocute

    luv her shes so cute

  • DICooper

    Those boots would look better underneath my bed.


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