We Want Prenup!!! Michael Strahan Refuses To Put A Ring On Nicole Murphy Until She Signs Agreement Protecting His $35 Million Fortune

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Zip. Zero. Stingy with dinero…

Micahel Strahan Wants Nicole Murphy To Sign Prenup

Sources claim Michael Strahan is refusing to marry long time boo thang Nicole Murphy until she signs them papers…

Via Star Magazine:

“Nicole has been pushing Micheal to set a date, but he’s insisting she sign a prenuptial agreement,” a pal tells Star.

The Live with Kelly & Michael host has his reasons: The twice-divorced father of four is worth $35 million, and his ex-wives have cost him a fortune.

Nevertheless, the friend adds that Nicole is hurt and thinks he’s setting their marriage up for failure.

Easy for her to say. In 2006 she walked away from her 13-year marriage to Eddie Murphy $15 million richer!”

Do you think Nicole should just sign the prenup so she can finally walk down the aisle?

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