Ho Sit Down: Shady Fake Cakes “Doctor” Popped Again For Illegally Pumping Up Flat Cheeks In Hotel Room

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calvin butler butt injections

This guy must be as obsessed with giving these shots as people are with getting them SMH

Florida Man Arrested Again For Illegal Butt Injections


A Pahokee man was arrested for a second time on charges of injecting silicone into the butt of his “patients,” and then sealing those injections with Krazy Glue — a process referred to as “butt pumping.”

Calvin Edward Butler, also known as ‘Tamieka Butler,’ was first arrested on Jan. 18 after detectives said he rented a room at the El Patio Motel in West Palm Beach to inject multiple people with silicone. Butler bonded out on Jan. 19.

Butler, 44, was arrested again Tuesday after deputies said a fourth victim came forward with new claims as part of an ongoing investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said Butler’s victims were admitted to local hospitals with severe infection, pain, bleeding, oozing wounds and disfigurement.

It’s gotta be said again…anyone that let this disgusting looking shim put a needle in them get exactly what they deserve.

Police say the fourth person to come forward — also a man — was told by Butler to get naked and lay in a prone position to receive the injections.

The man claimed Butler, on their first encounter, poured the silicone into the palm of his hand and then rubbed it onto his face — even splashing some in his own eyes.

Butler told the man, “See, it’s real silicone. I wouldn’t be able to put this in my eyes if it were fake,” the arrest report states.

The report states Butler visited his victims in the hospital dressed as a woman with a large wig and a fur coat. The victims claimed he warned them not to tell medical staff about the injections they received.

One male victim claimed they were threatened by Butler’s friend, who said “if you say anything about Butler and the injections in court, you’ll be sorry.”

We hope these folks aren’t letting this he-beyotch strong-arm them into not testifying when it’s time for trial. They need to make sure that Calvin has several seats on his silicone injected a$$.

Image via Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office


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