Fear Of A Black Hero: Top 10 Black Superheroes

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djtop Black superheroes, like Black versions of most things, were never really relevant in “pre-post-racial America.” For years, young Black kids didn’t have superheroes who looked like them and were forced to either create them (in their mind) or sift through scraps for decent Black heroes like those on this list. Here are the ten greatest Black superheroes. Take a look.
DJANGO_cv1_var Django The greatest of all exceptional negroes who did things in a movie that we’ve never seen a Black man do before. Runaway slave killing thousands of wicked white people before riding off into the sunset with his queen? Legend.
John Henry John Henry He’s just as real as Meek Mill’s inside voice, Candyman and Zamunda, but will always be a true Negro-American hero to those who grew up reading his classic tall tales during Black History Month.
draft_lens19628209module160417110photo_1342492804a Shaft No fictional character defined an era like the super-cool Blaxploitation icon. With legendary swag levels and the greatest theme song ever, he was everything the brotha man strived to be in  the ’70s.
s3124173 Hammerman MC Hammer had his own cartoon where he fought crime with magical talking church shoes. If THIS doesn’t make him a legend, nothing will. Photo credit: Instagram
kwame 2 Kwame the Planeteer Voiced by LeVar Burton aka Kunta Kinte/Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (first Black man in space), he flourished as the token Black on “Captain Planet” who controlled Earth while wearing Cross Colours, high water shorts and British Knights. Photo credit: Instagram
mmpr-rg-zack Zack, Black Ranger It was only right that the Black Power Ranger was Black on the politically-incorrect hit show where the Yellow Ranger was Asian. Hindsight is hilarious.
130734b_meteor-man-visore Meteor Man Corniest. Superhero. Ever. But he was all we had at the time and, for that, we’re thankful. Well, not really, but he definitely paved the way for today’s Black superheroes. All three of them.
2195182-uncanny_x_men_vol_1_449 Storm Most people will never forgive Halle Berry for her cringe-worthy portrayal of the iconic weather-controlling mutant in the X-Men movies. Without Storm and her incredible power, the X-Men just don’t work. Photo credit: Instagram
3263549697_9afc5180af_b Luke Cage At one point, he was the ONLY Black superhero in comics whose popularity led Marvel to develop the now mythical Luke Cage movie with the same release date as “Detox.” Photo credit: Instagram
blade-poster Blade The vampire hunting Kung Fu warrior-commando will probably never be more than a cult hero despite having two of the best (or most tolerable) comic book movies to date.

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