Clock’s Ticking: Top 10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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targetgiftcard Here you are, stressed on V-Day eve without a gift for “him”/“her” making these last-minute gift ideas your ONLY power move at this point. Hopefully, one works for you because, if none do, tomorrow may be the start of your relationship’s ending. Here are ten last-minute gift ideas before the mall closes and business hours end. You’re welcome.
For The Ladies beyonce-mrs-carter-tour-650 Mrs. Carter Tour Tickets You’d either have to sell your soul, pawn vital organs or return everything you copped with your tax refund to acquire them by 12 am standard eastern time. How far will you go to win tomorrow?
USB-Flash-Drive-Keyrings-Wristbands Flash drive of music that reminds you of her She’ll never cheat on you with her work boo if you make her feel special with thoughtful gifts like this. The more Jesse Boykins III, Eric Roberson and Foreign Exchange on the flash drive the better. Trust us. Photo credit: Instagram
beyonce-hbo HBO for “Life Is But A Dream” Beyonce Doc Your boo doesn’t have cable or HBO but LOVES Beyonce? Organize a viewing party, invite her homegirls and provide the food/drinks. HBO activation on you.
targetgiftcard Target Gift Card She loves Target more than she’ll ever love you, and that’s perfectly normal, so the reloading of her gift cards will be like the most incredible love-making session ever to her.
4165BW2sf7L Extra-long iPhone charger cord 22.987% of her tweets are wishes that her iPhone charger cord were longer. So yea, do whatever it takes to find one before 9 pm and package it with her gift.
For The Fellas tin Butter cookies in the Blue Tin Men are simple creatures who would be happy with phenomenal V-Day mouf and an entire blue tin of butter cookies to themselves. Don’t overthink this. Photo credit: Instagram
dbsr Fridge stocked with favorite beer (or Simply Lemonade) He’ll stop flirting with his ex in Ruzzle chats and actually listen when you talk if he comes home to this tomorrow. Photo credit: Instagram
t_416399_372949166068205_413295379_o Role play + King’s feast You can be Olivia Pope. He can be Obama (or President Ghost if you’re in a swirlationship). But first, prepare a steak & seafood feast fit for only Kings.
black-and-white-lingerie-model-photo Lingerie that his favorite prOn stars wear Wanna make an impression? Rock with the sheer bodystocking. That’s what Clair Huxtable would do.
?????????? Comfortable Silence Golden. Photo credit: Instagram

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