Whatever Happened To Chicks Before D***s? Katy Perry Doesn’t Approve Of Rihanna Going Back To Breezy

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Things just ain’t the same for gangstas! Apparently former besties have let a man come between them. Word on the street is, Kitty Purry ain’t feelin’ Rihanna’s decision to “Stay” with Breezy.

Via Us Weekly reports:

Rihanna’s reunion with Chris Brown at this year’s Grammy Awards stirred up plenty of buzz among fans, but it turns out that some of the couple’s famous friends aren’t so hot about their rekindled romance either.

Katy Perry, who got close with the “Stay” singer at last year’s Grammys, “doesn’t approve” of Rihanna’s decision to get back together with Brown, 23, and their friendship has suffered as a result of it, sources tell Us Weekly.

“They aren’t tight anymore because Katy doesn’t approve of Rihanna dating Chris Brown,” an insider told Us of the pair.

Perry, 28, instead spent the evening on the arm of her beau, a maroon suit-wearing John Mayer, 35. The couple had a front-row view of the night’s performances, while Rihanna and Brown cuddled up elsewhere in the audience.

Rihanna, 24, and Brown continued their love-fest after the ceremony as well, sipping on cocktails and “getting very affectionate” whispering in each other’s ears throughout the night at the Zing Vodka Post Grammy Party held at Hollywood’s Supperclub, an observer told Us.

The rift between Perry and Rihanna wasn’t the only seating nightmare of the night, however.

Another source told Us that Taylor Swift, 23, couldn’t be seated near either fellow country crooner Carrie Underwood, 28, or her ex Mayer.

“Such a headache!” the source said of the last-minute changes.

Right cuz John Mayer with his prejudiced package is so much more of a gentleman! And SMH @ US Weekly not knowing the difference between maroon and blue…

Do you think Katy should stop being a hypocrite? After all — she’s made some pretty bad relationship choices.

Then again, who does approve of Rihanna going back to Breezy?


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