Dollaz Unlimited: Court Orders Detroit Man To Continue Paying Back Child Support On His Son Who Died 25 Years Ago

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Man Still Ordered To Pay Child Support 25 Years After Child Dies

A Detroit man who has continued to be responsible for back child support payments on his son who passed away 25 years ago says he wants an audit performed and payments to cease.

via ABC 7 News

Lional Campbell’s son, Michael, passed away at the age of three from acute meningitis.

“It took a lot out of me,” says Campbell who is from Detroit and now lives in Kentucky. And it’s that distance that is making it even more difficult for Campbell to wage a fight with the Wayne County Friend of the Court over child support that Campbell says he is still paying for Michael.

A spokesperson for the Friend of the Court says no one ever notified them of the boy’s death until Campbell began asking why he still owed child support in 2011 for a child that was deceased by the age of 3.

For years, Campbell never questioned paying child support to Friend of the Court because he thought the money was for what he owed for an older son he fathered with Michael’s mother.

He says he was told the continuing payments were back child support for his son Michael.

Campbell drove to Detroit to show court officials a death certificate, proof that Michael died in 1988, but says he was told that he still owed about $43,000 for Michael.

Court officials admitted to 7 Action News that the calculations from the audits were wrong and that they would expedite another one.

The court has shed little light on their side of this story since the case is still pending, but it seems that although his payment amout will be reduced in the future, he will still be required to continue paying.

What do you think Bossip fam? Should this man still be paying on a child that died more than 2 decades ago?

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