Salty Kansas City Mother Suing Pharmaceutical Company For Failed Birth Control Pills And Cost Of 1-Year-Old Daughter!

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Damn, whatever happened to life being a wonderful miracle?

Kansas City Mother Suing For Faulty Birth Control Pills

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Shanta Russell had been taking her birth-control pills faithfully for more than a dozen years without a hitch. So when pregnancy tests kept turning up positive in June 2011, she was stunned.

Shock turned to anger three months later when the single Kansas City woman received a recall notice in the mail warning that the pills she had taken may have been placed in the wrong order in their blister packs. The mistake could render the pills ineffective.

That recall in September 2011 by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the pills Russell took, was followed closely last year by unrelated but eerily similar recalls of birth control pills with faulty packaging from three other manufacturers: Pfizer in January, Glenmark Generics in February and Sandoz in June.

The recalls involved millions of blister packs of pills distributed to warehouses and pharmacies. Consumer health advocates say the problems were the inevitable consequence of inadequate federal monitoring of drug manufacturing plants.

Guess condoms weren’t an option for this freaky-deeky baby mama. SMH

Russell, 33, now is the mother of a 1-year-old child. She is suing Qualitest, its parent corporation, and the company that packaged the pills. Her lawsuit, filed Feb. 6 in Jackson County Circuit Court, seeks compensation for her health care costs, for the cost of raising her child and for the emotional pain she’s been through.

“I was devastated,” Russell said. “I questioned myself. After all these years, how could this happen? Then I received a letter in the mail. Of course I was angry. There was nothing I did that was a mistake.”

Kevin Wiggins, spokesman for Endo Pharmaceuticals, Qualitest’s parent company, said it was company policy not to comment on pending litigation…

…Russell describes herself as a workaholic with a passion for travel. Before her daughter was born, she held down two jobs. Her free time was spent on trips to hot spots like Jamaica, Miami and Las Vegas. She planned to go back to school to train for a job in health care.

Motherhood was just a distant possibility. “Later on in life, once upon a time, I was planning to be a mother,” she said.

We can’t help but think this broad sounds selfish as hell! Granted she did believe her birth control pills were working, but “devastated”?? It’s a child, not AIDS Shanta!

What do you think of Shanta’s lawsuit, is it her fault for getting pregnant in the first place or does the pharmaceutical company share some responsibility?


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