Stand By Your Man: Lebron James Defends Chrissy Bosh With Subliminal Shots Toward Weezy F. Baby On Instagram!

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Can’t just let ninjas talk reckless about ya mans and ’em right?

LeBron James Defends Chris Bosh Against Lil Wayne Comments On Instagram

After a day of taking a beating on the internet, LeBron James could no longer endure the heat (no pun intended) that Lil Wayne brought upon him, his team, and specifically Chris Bosh.

Rather than go on an irate Twitter rants (like most celebs), “The Chosen One” opted to use Instagram to voice his feelings on the recent goings-on.

Lebron IG

If we know Dwayne Carter like we think we do, this little jab will definitely not go unanswered. We all know that rappers want to be ball players, and ball players want to be rappers, but when rappers start BEEFING with ball players we have to call shenanigans.

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