Happy Homewreckers: Men Who Tried To Break Up Relationships By Violating Man Codes

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Men Who Tried To Break Up Relationships

There’s unwritten man laws when it comes to messing with other men’s women. Basically: don’t do it. Also, snitching on other guys or trying to be sneaky are serious violations to be penalized to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s take a look at these guys violating the codes of man in despicable ways.


Kobe Bryant – He snitched on Shaq as a cheater to the cops. Bad teamwork, dufe.


AP.9 –He’s trying to ruin Coco and Ice-T. Why is he so proud?


Drake – He has no chill when it comes to stealing Rihanna from Chris Brown. He’s been trying for years and won’t stop.


Lil Wayne – He’s snitching on Chris Bosh’s wife’s hoe-y past. Not called for at all.


Gucci Mane – He tried to snitch on Keyshia Cole saying she slept with Diddy for tracks. Bobbie wasn’t a fan.


Cam’Ron – He made a song claiming that Beyonce was letting him hit it before Jay-Z. Rap beefs shouldn’t come to that, should it?


Tupac – He told the world he banged Biggie’s wife back in the 90s. One of the hardest songs of all time, too.

Jay-Z and Nas - Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas' Life Is Good at Bagatelle

Jay-Z – When Jay said he and A.I. chopped down Nas’ baby momma, it was inadvertently dry snitching on Iverson and messing up his situation. Gotta chill with that, Hov.

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