Keeping It Slore Goes Wrong: Artists Whose Personalities Make Us Hate Their Music

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Artists Whose Personalities Make Their Music Annoying

Listening to music is an interesting experience. If we don't like the artists then sometimes we don't like the music. Some artists are just so annoying that we like their music less because of it. These celebrities damn near make us want to boycott their music because we just can't stand them at all. Sorry, it's not the music. It's you.
Topshop Topman LA opening party Chris Brown - He's the biggest gaping dingbat in celebrity-dom. His music has become damn near unbearable now.
Joe-Budden-112812 Joe Budden - He's the most butthurt rapper in the game, even allegedly kicking a fan out of his show for being disinterested. Just stop complaining all the damn time.
wale Wale - Speaking of butthurt. He went out and cried all over the commentators for not knowing who he is. And please, stop with that spoken word isht.
lupe-fiasco-removed-from-stage-after-anti-barack-obama-comments-0 Lupe Fiasco - Ugh. Stop with all that "Obama is a killer" and "I'm smarter than you" junk. Nobody is paying attention.
azealia-banks-feat-e1348752513689 Azealia Banks - She's been in more feuds than she's had songs. She should just stop making songs and keep annoying people more famous than she is. Go for that.
wayne Lil Wayne - He's supposedly sober but he's running around like a cracked out lunatic and acting like an incoherent fool.
nickiminajbikini Nicki Minaj - Anyone else more annoyed by her American Idol antics by the day?
thegame The Game - "Why we hate the Game?" Let us count the ways. Pretending to be Jesus doesn't help.
50-Cent-PF-WENN2 50 Cent - He's a huge troll who likes ruining careers. Maybe that's why he fell off so hard these days.
ross2 Rick Ross - How can you really like someone who continues to lie at every freaking turn? The grunts don't really help.

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