Epitome Of A Bad Dad: Sorry Excuse For A Father Left 2-Year-Old Solo Dolo To Slang Some Sativa In Them Skreets!

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Poor lil girl daddy too busy slanging them thangs to take care of her.

Via AJC reports:

A Cobb County man remained in jail Wednesday after he allegedly left a toddler alone in an apartment while he sold maryjane.

Darnell Anthony Marshall, of a Kennesaw address, was arrested late Thursday after he sold the drugs to an undercover agent in the parking lot of the Greenhouse Patio apartments on George Busbee Parkway, according to an arrest warrant obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After allegedly selling 7.9 grams of green, Marshall ran from sheriff’s deputies and into an apartment in the complex, the warrant states. Three others also ran into the same apartment after the drugs were exchanged, additional warrants state.
Deputies found three suspects — Parker Sawyer, Julia Johnson and Jorge Soberanis — hiding in a bathroom inside the apartment, warrants state. All three were arrested and charged with possessing less than an ounce of maryjane and later released, records show.

At Marshall’s apartment, deputies located more maryjane in 21 clear, plastic bags inside a safe, the warrant states. When he ran from deputies into another apartment, Marshall allegedly left a girl believed to be about 2 years old alone, according to investigators.

Marshall was arrested on two felony drug charges, first degree child cruelty and obstruction. He was being held Wednesday afternoon on $20,000 bond, according to Cobb County jail records.

We know times are rough but this is just ridiculous. Leaving your toddler alone to peddle piff? SMH!

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