No Love: Top 10 Most Underrated Black Actors

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iron-man-3-poster-don-cheadle-iron-patriot Hollywood only cares about your money, not diversity in film, which explains the Tyler Perry movie or starve option most Black actors have in 2013. While many settle for lesser roles in major films, others, like those on this list, flourish in the outskirts of fame. Here are the ten most underrated Black actors in Hollywood. Take a look.
jeffreywright Jeffrey Wright The incredibly-polished actor has been one major role in an Oscar-worthy film away from stardom his entire career. Cinematically-brilliant, multi-layered and complex, he’s easily the best Black actor in Hollywood today. Photo credit: Instagram
hotel-rwanda_625x352 Don Cheadle The famously-versatile star of Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster “Iron Man 3” is still criminally-underrated despite his impressive film resume. More known for supporting roles than his most defining (“Hotel Rwanda”), he’s yet to receive the critical acclaim he deserves.
chi Chiwetel Ejiofor His best performances have been in widely-ignored (or terribly mismarketed) films, but he’s definitely an excellent actor deserving of major roles in well-written films. Don’t sleep. Photo credit: Instagram
anthony-mackie Anthony Mackie His genuine everyman persona made him perfect for the romantic action thriller “Adjustment Bureau” where he played God’s #2. For those yearning to see more Black actors in leadership roles, he’s one of a few to watch. Photo credit: Instagram
Jurnee-Smollett-5 Jurnee Smollett At 26, she’s one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets who shined alongside Denzel in “The Great Debaters.” Like Jeff Wright, she’s one major role in an Oscar-worthy film away. Photo credit: Instagram
Lennie-James-star-of-Line-008 Lennie James The quietly-intense actor with an authentic edge is always good money as the police chief/CIA-FBI-head in action thrillers. That’s HIS lane. Photo credit: Instagram
american-violet_130617 Nicole Beharie If you saw “American Violet,” then you know why she’s on this list.
giancarlo-esposito-02 Giancarlo Esposito No actor of color is more versatile than the Black when he’s not Hispanic-Hispanic when he’s not Black-actor with an effortless flair for movie villainry. Photo credit: Instagram
David-Oyelowo-Red-Tails-680 David Oyelowo He almost saved the complete disaster “Red Tails” by himself and shined as the greedy head of a Biotech company in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Remember this name.
Wood Harris Mostly known as vicious drug kingpin “Avon Barksdale” on the critically-acclaimed crime drama “The Wire,” he’s more than just another typecast hoodlum, and proved this in “Remember The Titans” and the deeply-flawed but endearing “The Heart Specialist.” Photo credit: Instagram

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