What The Hell??? Bag Of Human Body Parts Dumped In The Bronx In A Pile Of Other Garbage Bags

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Jesus take the wheel! What has the world come to? Police in the Bronx made a grisly discovery early Tuesday… Human body parts dumped inside a garbage bag…

Via ABC reports:

A bag apparently containing human body parts was found dumped on a street in the Bronx early Tuesday.

The bag was found on Eagle Avenue and 158th Street in the Melrose section just after 5 a.m.

A witness told police that a person in a vehicle dropped the bag in a pile of other garbage bags.

That vehicle, reported to be a silver SUV, then fled the scene.
Police set up a crime scene and were analyzing the contents of the bag.

What the hell is going on? Is this something to do with the black market for organs or some kind of messy murder scene clean up?

We just hope they catch the culprits… Quickly!

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