Forever Young: 10 Celebs Who NEVER Age

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Prince-When-Doves-Cry The secret to ageless beauty is one of life’s greatest mysteries only known to the famous vampires, aliens and immortals on this list (and a few others). Whether eternal or adored by God, these age-defying celebs drink from the fountain of youth daily. Here are the ten celebs who NEVER age. Take a look.
Prince announces his North American Tour at the Apollo Theater Prince Baptized in the glittery waters of Lake Minnetonka, Purple Jesus is a ruffled silk blouse wearing-God among us insects, who, like every immortal on this list, can never age or die. Dislike Prince and his velvet body stockings? Impossible.
sade_soldier_of_love_single Sade Adu At 54(00), Sade is either a stunning Alien, vampire, mixture of both or Goddess in human form with classic beauty that most older women envy. If a woman looks like Sade at 50, she’s truly blessed.
Pharrell Paper Mag Pharrell The 10th grader-faced super producer will probably be carded forever which is either the best or most annoying thing ever.
staceydash Stacey Dash The centuries-old vampire has always played characters thousands of years younger than she really is, especially in “Clueless”—her only memorable movie role. And yes, ALL vampires are Republican.
Best-top-desktop-hot-halle-berry-wallpapers-hd-halle-berry-wallpaper-pictures-images-photos-19 Halle Berry The barely-tolerable actress is easily the most stunning 46-year-old wacko on Earth. Whether she’s human or android, we may never know.
Nas-toasts-maturity-on-Life-is-Good-EO1SEJNT-x-large Nas That moment when a mother hands her Nas posters down to her daughter and they both swoon together. At this point, Nasty Nas is the only iconic rapper with cross-generational sex appeal.
Iman 2 Iman Eternally-beautiful and regal, the famously-ageless supermodel looks amazing for a 57(00)-year-old being who may or may not be from the same planet as Sade.
ll LL Cool J Forever moist-lipped and well-preserved, Uncle James has rocked mics for most of our lifetime. Why he refuses to sit his azz down somewhere and launch a formal Kangol line, we just don’t know.
Jennifer-Lopez Jennifer Lopez J. Lo went from doing the Roger Rabbit between “In Living Color” skits to Hollywood stardom without ever falling off. Name another 43-year-old woman who could stop time with one leg? You can’t.
Nia Long Cover Nia long The 42-year-old beauty is just as gorgeous today as she was twenty years ago. It’s impossible for her premium level of Black to crack. Topsy/Instagram

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