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With the Flavor of Love not returning to the realm of lawlessness, aka Reality T.V., a bunch of other folks are putting their bids in to have their own reality show.  Get a load of what’s what when you…

The Biggest Lover – featuring Fat Joe
12 obese women compete for Fat Joe’s attention while collectively trying to lose weight. Not only does Joe have to pick and choose between each of these full-bodied femme fatales, each week they’ll have a choice as well: between Fat Joe and a box of Krispy Kremes.

Not Just A Friend – featuring Biz Markie
Watch as Biz Markie and 16 women who have been through awful cheating relationships learn to love again through joint therapy sessions – only to have all their progress undone by Biz individually dating all of them at once and then choosing the sluttiest as the winner.

Pimp My Girlfriend – featuring Xzibit
The next logical step in the Pimp My Ride franchise, Xzibit will show up at your door and pimp out your ugly-ass girlfriend. With a team of professionals, he’ll brainwash your chick into loving sports, giving you sexual favors, and letting you go out with the boys, while giving her a complete make-over, boob job, and fitness regime.

No One Minute Man – featuring Missy Elliot
Missy Elliot’s search for a man that can last long enough to pleasure her flops – literally – when she find that none of the contestants can get it up while looking at her. Proudly sponsored by Viagra.

Building Tha Nest – featuring Birdman
Now that his adopted son’s moved out of the house and is selling millions and millions of records, Birdman’s on the lookout for that special someone to settle down with. Problem is, dude takes his name way too seriously.   The winner is whoever survives the “attempt to fly” challenge.

Meth & Red: A Wedding Story – featuring Method Man and Redman
Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official: Method Man and Redman are finally getting hitched.  Once they’re pronounced “Man & Man,” the real party begins – don’t miss a single minute of the most anticipated celebrity wedding since Jay-Z and Beyonce!

We’re scratching our heads a little about the set-up, but the Meth & Red one is a definite keeper.  Those are the two most likable weed exhale-ologists the world over.  We were waiting for a reason to pay our cable bill to get it turned back on.  SMH

Which show would Bossip folk not mind checking out?

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