Hate To Break It To You: Married Couples Who Should Just Call It Quits Already

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Married Couples Who Should Divorce

Divorce is horrible. And we would hate to promote such an act. But we also hate to see couples who are in such peril staying married even though the love is gone. We hate to say it, but it's true. These couples are hanging on for dear life. But it's time to throw in the towel. Sorry to break it to you.
willjadajadengrammys Will and Jada - When Big Willie is taking sandy vacations with Duane, then they're not even trying to hid it anymore.
bill-and-hillary-clinton-bill-clinton-17640678-470-3611 Bill and Hillary - They haven't touched each other in 15 years since Bill got caught with thickly miss Monica. We get it's for politics but still.
Reality couple Ice-T and Coco show off their love as they host the New Year Party at LAX Nightclub at Luxor Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ice T and Coco - Yeah, after the whole AP 9 thing, they're definitely on the outs. Damn.
kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-divorce-e1320155613357 Kim and Kris - It's time to just go ahead and end the court case and make it official. This is crazy.
Chris-Bosh-and-Adrienne-kiss Chris and Adrienne Bosh - She's a gold digger and he's reaaaaally suspect. This just won't work out. We know that.
anthony weiner The Weiners - Anthony Weiner put his schlong dong bulge on Twitter to send to some side piece and his banger wife is still with him!
bishop-long-and-wife The Longs - Eddie's wife know she need to leave his ol dirty a$$. No one would judge.
Keyshia-Cole-Boobie-Gibson Keyshia Cole and Boobie Gibson - They keep taking their issues to Twitter and need to just wrap it up. Plus Keyshia on some other stuff these days.
PPatton Paula Patton and Robin Thicke - He's a cheater. Wait, no. He's a wife beater. Okay, he's gay. And he stinks. And...okay, we're gonna come clean here. There's no real reason they should break up. We just want Paula Patton to be single so we can get a shot!

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