The More You Know: Top 10 Little-Known Rap Facts Part 2

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thecollegedropoutlarge There were too many dirty little secrets, ugly truths and scandals for just ONE list so we made a Part 2 for the people. You’re welcome. Here are ten more little-known Rap (and R&B) facts. Take a look.
0000029542_500 Kanye almost didn’t achieve his dreams For years, Hovvie Hov and Dame laughed at super-corny, backpack-wearing Kanye’s rapper dreams until he spit through a wired jaw over a dope Chaka Khan sample after his fateful car wreck. Streets went crazy, Yeezy had the juice and the rest is history.
61asRuS2zFL._SS500_ Mary J. Blige turned down Rihanna’s “Umbrella” The same crack-damaged singer who squawked about crispy chicken with all her heart and soul inside Burger King said “Umbrella”—one of Pop’s biggest records—was “TOO commercial?” Interesting.
LL Rick Ross attended HBCU Albany State University on a football scholarship Between drug deals and robbing ice cream trucks, Ricky found time to dominate High School football games on defense just like fellow Oscar-worthy actor/rapper Plies. In today’s fantasy-fueled industry, nothing is ever as it seems.
nas-life-is-good-500x500 Nas could’ve been President of Atlantic Records but turned it down Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones had the raw talent to be greater than Hov (President of Def Jam from 2004-2007) but somehow wakes up every morning as Hip-Hop’s greatest underachiever ever. If he could press reset on his career, we’re sure he would.
Biggie struggled with double-time flow while recording “Notorious Thugs” To many, he’s the greatest rapper ever but even Gods have mortal moments. So prideful and image-conscious, Big kicked everyone out the room to practice Bone’s flow so he wouldn’t be embarrassed in the booth.
pharrell-kelis Pharrell smashed Kelis’ cakes to smithereens If you listen closely to Kelis records, you’ll hear Pharrell smashing her quirky cakes to the beat. Well, not really, but there’s a reason why she has some of the BEST Neptunes production ever. Abortion rumors? Still just “rumors.”
0978074343418_500X500 Reverend Dr. Mason Betha was on the run That infamous moment when you retire from Rap, trade your shiny jumpsuits for 27-button Stevie Harvey suits and become a Mega Church Pastor to escape extortionists. The life and desperate times of Pastor Mase.
Justified Justin Timberlake’s debut album “Justified” was mostly Michael Jackson rejects Widely-considered an R&B/Pop classic, JT’s 10x platinum-debut was a compilation of Neptunes-produced jams made for Michael Jackson. For reasons unknown (to everyone), MJ just wasn’t feelin em and moonwalked into the mist.
tumblr_mi13blaG2C1qfdveno1_500 Jesus gave Mike Jones (Who?) MIKE JONES’ grandma the blueprint for his success The chubby Houston rapper’s Grandma had a vision (from Jesus, Elohim or whomever) of him repeating his phone number 9000 times on records and rising to Rap stardom. So, he listened, went platinum and burned the number 281-330-8004 into our minds forever.
Sauce-Money-Middle-Finger-U-Priority-2000 Sauce Money wrote “I’ll be Missing You” for Diddy First rule of ghostwriting: Never reveal your clientele which may explain why promising MC/ghostwriter Sauce Money has been “missing” since 2000.

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