Exclusive Coverage Of Nicki Minaj’s K-Mart Clothing Line Collaboration Press Conference [Pictures-Video]

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Bossip was invited to the West Side Of L.A. (Beverly Hills) yesterday to attend Nicki Minaj's Press Conference about her colab with K-Mart. Like usual, we had a blast with all the perks they provide at these things... good food, drank, and networking... what more could you ask for? Turn the pages to see all the pictures we gathered... including Nicki's oompa-loompa and Scaff Beezy just kicking it...
nicki event4 copy When Nicki was asked about her personal influence on this line from K-Mart and Shopyourway.com she said it would be heavy... noting the video in the previous page.
nicki event1 copy nicki event10 copy You knew we couldn't help that shot... smh.
nicki event9 copy Kinda bird leggy for such a humongous backside.
nicki event7 copy This dude was just mobbing and drinking. We spoke man to man with him...
nicki event6 copy We chopped it up with Scaff Beezy a lil and he was talking about some mixtape he's got dropping soon...
nicki event2 copy Nicki and her people were actually really cool and may seem to be turning the "diva-switch" off.
nicki event5 copy So overall... Nicki is on the come up and good looking out on the invite.
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