You Can’t Be Serious: A Walkway In Bermuda Has Been Named “Beyonce Blvd.” In Honor Of Lord Beysus Christ

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Beyonce Blvd

Those island Stans really love them some Bey Bey…

Bermudians Name Local Walkway After Beyonce

Via RoyalGazette

Bermudians like to honour distinguished locals — but Beyoncé?

You might do a double-take at the new walkway at the National Sports Centre, and ask how it links us to the US superstar.

According to Facility Manager Trevor Madeiros, the sign, put up last week, merely consecrates an in-joke among staff.

The walk of fame marks the spot where Beyoncé Knowles made her entrance at the 2008 Music Festival at the stadium.

“We had to tidy up the driveway for her to come through to perform — it was a construction site at the time,” Mr Madeiros explained.

“Somebody called it Beyoncé Boulevard and everybody started using it.”

So many people use the name when giving directions to visitors that it finally got its own sign.

“It’s nothing really official,” added Mr Madeiros. “It’s an internal thing that we put up ourselves.”

Wonder how many Beysus toe-suckers will post up to take pics in front of this sign? SMH

Image via RoyalGazette

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