True or False: Faith Evans Whooped Lil Kim’s Ass

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In a recent interview with Essence, Faith agrees that Notorious was done well, but did have some small discrepancies:

ESSENCE.COM: Do you think the film provided an accurate portrayal of you and Biggie’s whirlwind romance and volatile marriage?
Well, they changed some things. For example, we were together for two months before we married, not nine days. And again, the scene with Lil’ Kim, Biggie and me in the studio—I wasn’t aware of what was going on, but I would say overall they did a great job.

ESSENCE.COM: Folk often speculated that your shotgun wedding was to help jumpstart your career, but you were working behind the scenes before B.I.G. ever came along. Will you please clear the air about that?
Yes, I had a career before I met B.I.G. He wasn’t popular like that when we met. I never paid that much mind. We both came out the gate on Bad Boy and God aligned it that way. If we weren’t making hot records, I don’t think that would even be a discussion. People often asked me what attracted me to B.I.G and I tell them he had a certain charm that was his little activation switch to turn people on to him. He always said the right thing and always made you laugh.

ESSENCE.COM: Overall, are you content with the film?
I am happy. I can’t say there aren’t some discrepancies within the film because it’s not like I was a creative partner in the film. Of course, there are things that I know aren’t correct. For instance, a particular song might not have been out when a certain incident occurred. The people who are watching won’t know but those of us who lived it will. A perfect example is the one scene in the studio with me, Lil’ Kim and Biggie—I don’t remember that happening and it might have been tension between them that I was unaware of, and it happened when we were separated. I didn’t know that happened before.

It’s safe to say that there was no discrepancy in the scene where Faith beats Kim’s ass. In Faith’s tell all book, she claims that she would chase down broads that Biggie hit, and stomp them out. Damn, that’s a lot of chasing.



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  • Hannibal

  • http://bossip AKEYS__ is D.C Bound

    I love Biggie but I wouldn’t chase down any ho for nobody I say let that Ho have him…….

  • Baby Girl

    definetly true read the book its good!…

  • coo

    TOP 5

  • Aunt Viv

    I believe her.

  • da darkness

    bhoring……i want to see the aalyhia movie. showing off the song birds dancing and vocal talents. The actress that should get the role J-Hud, syke. cheri dennis or chris mili but ol girl has to be jazzy.

  • Lauren Dawkins Bleeds Green...Go Eagles!!!

    ….nothing to say….

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals---BOSSIP courtside is reserved for regulars. Take your ass BACK up to the nosebleed section!!!!!

    I agree. The movie may have some small discrepancies.


  • ms meca

    she claims that she would chase down broads that Biggie hit, and stomp them out. Damn, that’s a lot of chasing.

    lmao at bossip comments at the end

  • KC all day

    lol @ wIFEY 06 TEEHEE

  • ms meca

    dont let the looks fool yu faith proly was stumpin em out!!!

  • me

    What is the big deal about this movie and his ex-wife comments and his lovers comment, this is so not interesting, who cares……………..NEXT


    @ jdilla

    I agree….dropping the mic and walking away!…

  • Mutha

    I have to read this book

    I heard she said in the book
    she whooped kim’s ass out of the bed
    and did not even know it was her lol

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