When The Checks Start Coming In: Jobs That Offer (Almost) Equal Pay For Women

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Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Just askin’ cuz if not babygirl gotsta get some work!

If you were paying attention during President Obama’s State Of The Union Address, you know that a lot of attention was given to the minimum wage, but that he also spoke to the importance of women being able to make the same as men. We know it’s hard enough finding a job these days, so we figured we’d help you out by doing our research (thanks CNN Money and Monster!) and letting you know which industries might be the best places for ladies to look if they’re hoping to make as much as men.

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Electrical Engineer

Unlike many other professions the median annual salary for electrical engineers is EXACTLY the same for women as it is for men, $66,000.



Women pharmacists earned a median salary of $111,000 in 2011, 92 cents to the dollar of male pharmacists. The gap can be explained by men working longer hours.


Systems Engineer

Women in IT earn an annual median salary of $72,300, while the median for men is actually slightly less: $71,500
Because IT is a relatively new profession, “it looks as if, from the beginning, there was less discrimination against women,” says Ariane Hegewisch, the IWPR’s study director.


Directors Of Religious Activities And Education

Women earned a median $41,000 in 2011, about 91 cents to their male counterparts.


Mechanical Engineer

According to studies, female mechanical engineers also outearn men! Not by much though. The median annual salary for women is $61,100 while men earn a median salary of $60,400.



The growth of independent films has been attributed to the growing number of women videographers, and it has paid off for the enterprising female shooters because the female median annual salary for this profession is $39,300 while the median annual salary for men is slightly less, $38,800.


Computer Repair Technician

Another truly equal pay gig — The median annual salary for both men and women in this business is $31,500


Postal Service Clerks And Processors

Full-time women postal clerks made about $52,601 in 2011, 98 cents to the dollar of their male coworkers. That’s according to a CNNMoney analysis of Census data.


Biological Scientists (Biochemists, Microbiologists, Biophysicists, Zoologists)

(The pay gap is small, with full-time women earning a median salary of $55,000 in 2011, 98 cents to every dollar a man earned.


Ad Sales Agents

Women earned about $49,000 working full-time in 2011, 94 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts.


Food Prep Workers

Full-time women earned a median salary of just $17,000 in 2011, 91 cents to the dollar of a man.


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