Tuning In: The Hottest Newscasters In The Game Right Now

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Hottest Broadcasters On TV Right Now

We love the news. It's important to stay up to date on what's going on in the world. What's the GDP of Ghana? How much is oil trading for in Saudi Arabia? And, just as importantly, which banger will end up on TV tonight? If you watch enough news, you'll notice that there have been a ton of really hot women on the national scene for a while. And that only makes us want to watch more. We've been keeping notes. So here are the best looking broadcasters in the game right now.
tumblr_m0ae0t3UTq1rqiwvzo1_500 Tanika Ray - TV Guide
4115192997_d1b9d90750_z Richele Carey - Headline News
Molly-Qerim-Feet-543177 Molly Qerim - NFL Network
laura-lane Laura Lane - ESPN.com
esq-sage-steele-espn-010711-lg Sage Steele - SportsCenter
betty-nguyen-02 Betty Nguyen - CBS
Soledad+O+Brien+6th+Annual+Sesame+Workshop+HQIl7VqBgj4l Soledad O'Brien - Formerly CNN
tamron-hall Tamron Hall - MSNBC 
Cari-Champion Cari Champion - ESPN First Take
espn_e_canidatee_576 Reischea Canidate - ESPN
267536481_0b0f3a6b16_z Isha Sesay - CNN

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