U.K. Royalty: Top 10 Hottest Black Brits

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Idris Elba Car Ad for smartwater Very few things are more intriguing than Black Brits (or Black folk who “talk funny”). In a way, they’re just like us but completely-different, culturally. Mostly African-born, Black Brits are an overseas extension of our rich heritage. Here are the world’s hottest Black Brits. Take a look.
IDRIS Idris Elba No one man should have all this power over Black women but Idris is their kryptonite. If given the choice between their husband and Idris, most women would bussit open whenever, wherever, rain, sleet or snow for EEDRAAAS, YAAAS. Idris, as Black James Bond? Stay tuned. Photo credit: Instagram
sade_soldier_of_love_single Sade Adu Stunning Alien, vampire, mixture of both or Goddess in human form? Whatever Sade is, it’s not human. Born centuries-ago on a planet light-years away, she’s the standard of 50+ beauty to women across the world.
Naomie-Harris Naomi Harris Rarely mentioned among Hollywood’s best Black actresses, she shined as “Eve” in the latest Bond film “Skyfall.” Cinematically-alluring, she was brilliant as “Tida Dalma, the voodoo witchdoctor” in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series. YES, that was her.
147623 Mel B. Famously known as “Scary Spice” (or “the Black one”) from the mega-successful Spice Girls, she’s always lived on the outskirts of fame despite her breathtaking beauty. Romantically-linked to Eddie Murphy (who she has a child with), Mel B. is another ageless Alien (or vampire) like Halle and Sade. Photo credit: Instagram
tumblr_llu0mnywrz1qc9y8qo1_1280 Antonia Thomas The gorgeous young actress (with a striking resemblance to Rihanna) is still virtually-unknown in America after starring as “Alisha” on the hit British Dramedy “Misfits.” Cool-Edgy-Hilarious show about five losers blessed/cursed with superpowers sound dope? Get into “Misfits.” Photo credit: Instagram
marsha-tiger Marsha Ambrosius The British chanteuse’s soul-piercing vocals will lock you in your feelings during late nights/early mornings. There’s just something about the vocally-intoxicating songstress who dominates most impregnation playlists. “Your Hands?” Proceed with caution. Photo credit: Instagram
skyfall premiere 13 231012 Naomi Campbell Aside from Halle Berry, she’s the finest 40+ crazy person on Earth. Completely-insane and toxic, Naomi and her war-torn edges are more known for tabloid-worthy dysfunction than anything else.
Lianne-La-Havas-Is-Your-Love-Big-Enough-Single-Album-Cover-2012-London-US-Review-Track-Song-Singer Lianne La Havas The musically-refreshing Folksy-Soulstress had one of the best albums of 2012 that most people slept on. Vocally-elegant, she’s yet another incredible U.K. import with Adele-level talent.
chi Chiwetel Ejiofor Quietly intense and polished, he’s widely-considered a Top 5 Black actor in Hollywood. With major film roles in his future, he’ll soon be mentioned in the same breath as the Denzels, Don’t sleep.
VV-Brown-Travelling-Like-The-Light V.V. Brown She’s the British remix of Amerie with a splash of Janelle Monae. Perfectly-quirky and talented, V.V. is destined for mainstream R&B/Pop success.

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