You Mad? Soulja Boy Says The MTV ‘Hottest MCs’ List Was Biased And Had “No Creditability”

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And nope, that’s not a typo in the title

Soulja Boy Criticizes The MTV Hottest MCs List

It turns out Kanye wasn’t the only one who had something to say about the 2013 MTV Hottest MCs List.

Among a handful of other saltykins who commented on the fact that they either didn’t make the list period or were ranked lower than they thought they should be was resident ATL struggle rapper Soulja Boy.

Not sure how he felt that he should have made this years’ or any years list since we’ve barely heard from him since 2010, but that didn’t stop him from voicing his opinion on the matter…………in all caps:


Who needs to be on a list that lacks “creditability” anyway?!? Soulja Boy, tell ‘em. *Side-eye*

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