Hooked On Phonics: 10 Celebrities Whose Tweets Make Them Seem Almost Illiterate

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Tyrese Eating Chicken During an Interview

Celebrities Who Can't Spell On Twitter

We get it. Twitter is the home of shorthand and bad grammar because you have to condense your thoughts to 140 characters. But we can tell the difference between people trying to be quick and others who just have a hard time grasping the concept of phonics. Sometimes we don't even know WTF they're talking about. So take a look at these struggle tweets and send these celebrities some books.
FrenchBear French Montana - This one tweet will live in infamy. FrencHMonTanA: heres da right link vote for french montana hottest brake threw artist. "Brake" and "Threw" SMH
oj da juiceman OJ Da Juiceman - He actually makes French Montana sound like William H. Wordsworth.
ty Tyrese - His grammar isn't the worst...but he sure does say some of the dumbest stuff we've ever seen on Twitter.
50-Cent-PF-WENN2 50 Cent - He takes shorthand too far and throws a little too much. We can't make out half of anything he says.
Keyshia Cole mad Keyshia Cole - SMH...we know all too well about her shortcomings. Moving along.
ChiefKeef Chief Keef - Stay in school, kids. He never gets his words right. Unfortunately, he had to take a short break.
Mary-J-Blige5 Mary J. Blige - Remember when she said this? "understand estimate my intelligents"...Someone decode.
chris-brown-smoking-weed Chris Brown - He knows how to spell the dirty things he can do to people who insult him. Other than that, yeah it's horrible.
hotmess2011guccimane-e1325303492669 Gucci Mane - Mushmouth tweets as bad as he talks.
Tiny1 Tiny - "No" vs "Know" and "there" vs "their" are really tricky. Good thing she doesn't need a job.

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