Agree To Disagree: Top 10 Unpopular Opinions Part 2

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Kevin Hart More unpopular opinions? Why not? Here are ten more of the most unpopular opinions. Take a look.
kevin hart Kevin Hart is an unfunny little man The 4th grader-sized “comedian” is so completely-unfunny that you cringe at his every reach for laughs. High School class clown funny? Yes. Professional comedian funny? NAH.
menu_burrito Chipotle is severely-overrated The over-hyped food chain serves generic “Mexican” food that tastes like Beyonce’s personality: bland, boring and soul-draining yet people gush over it daily. WHY?
scandal-image “Scandal” is a terrible show It’s basically “Tyler Perry Presents… Scandal” but you can never say this around most Black folks without creating warfare. LOVE Kerry Washington as the highly-connected “fixer”/executive branch jump off? Cool, but the hit show is low-key trash.
tumblr_static_oppic2 A woman can be sexually-adventurous without being a “ho” Grown women who enjoy smashing, casually, but aren’t slores exist? Can your mind process this? Does this compute? Or are we, as a people, too judgmental to handle “exceptions?” Hmmm.
jt-20-20-experience-cover_0 Justin Timberlake’s new album “The 20/20 Experience” is trash The internet is the only place where highly-anticipated albums are stamped classic/wack within 5 minutes of being illegally downloaded. If you’ve heard the album, you know it JAMS but the anti-popular everythings online disagree. As usual.
Black jelly beans are delicious The Michelle Williamsy jelly beans taste like how Lil’ Kim’s face looks. Self-hatredy and regretish. Trust people who LOVE them? Never. They’re probably serial killers. Photo credit: Instagram
iphone-vs-blackberry-bold BlackBerry > iPhone Non-business people with a BlackBerry in 2013 are like close-minded 99-year-olds refusing to upgrade from VHS to standard DVD. Stop the insanity and upgrade your life.
Keri Hilson New Video "The Way You Love Me" Keri Hilson isn’t THAT worthless Everyone’s favorite trash receptacle is the most eBullied celeb ever but her debut “In a Perfect World…” was kinda dope, on the lowest of lows. At some point, people have to let her live…on mute. But yea…
tumblr_lbewxxsfgp1qdd5a3o1_1288961541_cover “Confessions” isn’t Usher’s best album There are some among us who genuinely believe “My Way” is better than “Confessions.” And by “some,” we mean 17 lost souls scattered across Earth. Keep them in your prayers.
simply Simply Lemonade is overrated “Simply is waaaaaaaay too sweet—liquid diabetes” – said no one who plans on ever getting into Heaven.

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