Amy Winehouse Offered Movie Role

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has been offered a movie role in an upcoming film:

TROUBLED AMY WINEHOUSE has been offered her first movie role — if she can clean up her act.  She would play a music teacher in a problem school.  The Rehab star, 25, has been sent a script by Universal Pictures.  And a coach is available to help improve her acting skills.  But bosses have warned she must keep up her drug rehabilitation.  A source revealed: “The movie is a bit like MICHELLE PFEIFFER’s film Dangerous Minds. Playing a music teacher will allow Amy to use her singing skills.  “JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS is being talked about as her co-star.  “She has been offered an acting coach called Matt Ryan from the Royal Academy of Music Theatre Department in London.  “But she needs to improve her health and state of mind, or the opportunity will be withdrawn.  “You can’t have a teacher looking like a scrawny crack addict. Hopefully, the offer will be an incentive for her.” Amy angered James Bond film bosses when she failed to produce promised theme music for Quantum of Solace.

LMAO @ “scrawny crack addict.”  They ain’ t never lied, though.  Who’s checking for your girl on the big screen?

Man, we know y’all were tired of looking at those f*cking scarecrow pics, so get a load of Amy in her heyday.  Not bad at all, we’ll say.

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  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    HUH? The only lines she can remember are on a mirror not paper


    Thats the best I ever seen this bitch look—– oh and I’m second!

  • Kakey

    Uhh…. smh.

  • tg

    Why is it when a Black person does stupid things – it ruins their career. But when a white person does stupid things, it makes them more popular and EVERYONE wants to help them out. For Universal to give this crackhead an acting roll in a movie – when there are so many capable movie stars out there – that would be much better is besides me. Between her and Brittney – they can do no wrong in the public’s eye – but let it be one of these NFL’ers or NBA’ers or musicians – like Foxy Brown, etc. and they try to hang their azzes out to dry.

  • random thoughts

    I think i would tap her according to the picture on the front page. Is that how she looks now? Is that recent? Cause maybe, just maybe, i would tap her spine. WITH ABOUT 4 JIMMY’S ON!!!!!

  • random thoughts


  • Candid Canuck


    ya dawg dang right! modern- day crucifiction

  • chookyman

    She ain’t looking as bad these days! But still bad!

  • Moreaces

    She actually loves very pretty here.. Get yourself together Amy, you have to much to live for..

  • Moreaces

    That is Looks

  • DICooper

    Winehouse is so not fly. Too much crack, cocaine and freebasing kills all wholesomeness.

    I wouldn’t smash it if I had your hammer.

  • Black Beauty

    It is amazing how these chicks can hit rock bottom, act crazy, do crazy sh** and get movie roles when they finish rehab. Let a brother do something, and he is tainted for life. I tell you, this world is a motha.

  • TheMan

    I dont see anyone trying to get whitney in a movie and she is 10x more successful than Amy. But i guess when your white its always right, look at Robert Downey, Jr. but the one thing about white folks they give there own second, third and fourth chances, black folks on the other hand cant wait to kick a person while there down. SMH.

  • the Ultimate Appeal

    talk all the ish about her crackheadish ways but girlfriend had the best albums I have heard in a long time from any R&B artists…Her albums are killing a lot of these so called r&B queens. So if she could just put the pipe down, i think she would be great

  • Esh~BX/SC~

    yeah, i heard something like tyrone biggums is gonna play the leading man role…(interesting) lol

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