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Ciara shares some information on her friendship with 50 Cent and what she looks for in a guy:

“He’s a really great friend, and great friends think of really great [birthday presents]. For some reason, with this friend, everybody turns everything into something else!”

And while she’s the first to admit that 50 has “a very, very nice body,” she laughs at all the rumors she’s heard about her so-called romance. “They said we have a ranch in Atlanta. I just died laughing. They said I cursed him out (for having a Ciara lookalike on his album cover) and that he cried on my shoulder (over the Kanye West rivalry). It’s amazing to hear the things people make up. It’s funny.”

“You want to go out like normal people but you can’t. If you do, automatically you’re together or messing around. Confidence is really important to me, and someone that has goals” she said, adding that she doesn’t have to end up with someone famous, but she prefers “to date someone who understands what I do. Just be understanding of this lifestyle and me working a lot. That’s all that matters!”



  • Shan

    Moving on….

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    And she said he’s just a friend…ok. So who’s the chick in the Curtis album booklet???

  • Royal Chocolate

    …by the way…WHO CARES?????

  • SW10

    whatever ciara

  • Buckwheat

    All you TI Sympathizers will be happy to know that he has been released on a 3 million dollar bond pending his upcoming trial on illegal gun possession – If convicted, he’ll face up to ten years in jail and a $250.000.00 fine.

  • hey

    ^^basically yep.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    Ciara is a virgin

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Y’all I seen 50 and YaYo on 47th Street (Diamond District) on Wednesday going into a store. I guess he was looking for the birthday present for Ciara. HMMMM! It all makes sense. It all makes perfect sense now!



    You a fool for that one LOL. But its probably true. I know her snatch is having a culture shock going from little Bow Wow to 50. Stretchin that ass out

  • Richard

    @ Ciara

    That’s a mighty fine face to spash. Big ups to 50. You finally leraning how to keep yo mouth shut about the punani.

  • Richard

    P.I.M.P Is a Ciara’s T.R.I.C.K

    Great presents hmmmmmmm.

  • Creole Princess

    lol @ Pervster. Yea that sound like what she saying, I should know *wink*

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, is it just me or does he really look “how you doin” in that pic?

  • fire22

    Ciara obviously loves to talk about 50 soo much.

    he must be layin it down that good.


    @Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, is it just me or does he really look “how you doin” in that pic?


    LOL he looks hella GAY. he looks like he saying “Heeeeey”

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