Who Looked More Bangin?

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Singers Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger hit up the KIIS-FM Homecoming in Anaheim, California rockin casual jean looks.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin???


Pics from the performance:



  • BubbaGoosie

    Keri Hilson, she’s lookin real cute

  • tintin

    keri is very pretty. nicole has no ass


    Nicole looks gorgeous compared to that other chick who resembles alf with a rihanna bob. Although Nicole looks like a broke down Kim K.

  • jade

    Both are pretty, keri will hopefully get some more playtime, homegirl is really talented. Like Nicole’s outfit, she can really put on a performance. I say tie!!

  • John

    They both have a pretty face and both are dressed like they’re ready to clean someones toilet therefore I can’t pick one over the other!!!

  • SW10

    none pretty but their style is wack.

  • Bronx Brawler

    My joint would get stiff 4 both

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    I think Kerri is attractive but I think Nicole put on some healthy weight and looks even BETTER than her former extra skinny but still beautiful self so I have to go with Nicole.

  • Vanessa

    aww look at lloyd looking like a baby Gonzo

    poor thang

  • aight

    I LOVE Nicole Scherzinger’s body…my god, I didn’t know she had thighs like that!! I thought she had a more boyish figure…

  • http://www.gravatar.com Mzgapeach

    they both look cute

  • Ana

    someone needs to tell Lloyd that the “just-got-out-of-prison-braids” was sooo two years ago.

    and yea…keri hilson takes it completely

  • yea i said it

    lloyd is a hot ghetto mess, but he layed back an i like that about him!

  • Mary J Blige

    like i’ve always said, timbaland is the male version of Golden Brooks. a straight up consistent HAM. he needs to fix up his style game and sort out that flab because rite now he looks like fresh baloney in clothes. smh

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    Both but I gotta give it to Nicole!

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