Whew: Crazy Celebrity Near-Death Experiences

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Celebrity Near-Death Experiences

Everyone has been freaking out for the last few days after Lil Wayne was rushed to the ER following an alleged run in with the purp. But it isn’t the first time Weezy had had a close call. In fact, plenty of celebrities have almost lost their lives.

Take a look at some of the closest calls ever. Count your lucky stars.


Kanye West – He almost died in a terrible car accident that wired his jaw shut.

Serena Williams hosts the debut of her bespoke Nike Training Club workout at Melbourne Central in Melbourne's CBD. Serena hosted and gave tips to female participants while they completed the workout.

Serena Williams – She had a freaky kidney disease that almost ended her life. But she’s bounced back and is a stud on the court.


Nick Cannon – He also had a serious issue that almost killed him. Thus he had to sit his butt down for a bit.


Michael Jordan – He almost drowned when he was a kid…in fact, his good friend actually did drown.


50 Cent – Fiddy got shot nine times. That’s some bad aim.

Jay-Z 4 Cigar

Jay-Z – He likes to talk about how three bullets whizzed by his head back in the day.

Lebron James

Paul Pierce – He got stabbed six ways to Sunday a few years back but somehow made it and is a better NBA player.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne – When he was a kid he shot himself in the nards and damn near bled to death.

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts – She survived cancer. Cancer.


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