The Dream Gets “Bossiped” on 93.5 KDAY FM

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Our peoples from 93.5 KDAY in Los Angeles, Devi Dev and The Goodfellas, asked The Dream a couple of questions for yours truly.

Pop the hood and take a listen at the little bookworm acting like he is hitting Rihanna and Christina Milian.

Listen here.

We remember when yuck mouth said he was on his way to chop down Rihanna . We think you were lying. BTW, is it us or does this little troll sound pompous as f*ck??? SMH

Thank you Dev!


  • The_Truth

    ***Check dudes resume. . .he’s written for the best of them, he’s breaded. . .he SHOULD be cocky.

    -Do you, Dream.

  • blkbombchelle

    mmh mmh dream, i think hes sexy

  • MargSimpson

    He can’t sing but he’s a good song writer. Horrible personality tho.And his face doesn’t make up for it.

  • Octavia

    Uh huh… we still haven’t SEEN a bossip writer or editor. I still think the site is ran by white folk.

  • Kayla

    I would love to slam dunk his azz, I heard his d*ck is short and extremely fat, yummy!

  • Ms Anonymous

    @ kayla yes it is, I got some when he did a show in North carolina it is really very very fat and short and the head is dark skin but the rest is lighter than his body and he needs to trim the hair down but other than that he got stamina and it was good and thick OMG!

  • told you so

    you people cant be serious


    who haznt F*cKeD da Dream, he was fu*ck*ing around on Nivea and tricking around LA in buckhead giving those hood rats money and even bought one of them a honda accord! she said its short and fat to

  • feefee

    GTFOH!!! ok now im really grossed out cuz now im curious!!! LOL!!!

  • Michelle

    He needs to sit down. Rihanna would never touch his ugly fat ass.


    LMAO!!!! @ this comments…… CTFU

  • Christy

    ewwww…man now Imma have a nitemare

  • what?

    OMG, gross…he’s so ugly…I can’t take this, and I sure didn’t need to know what his peen looks like, ewww

  • iluvprada

    I think if he had any class he wouldn’t need to put the women he lay wit out there (so it’s obvious is to why you see him without a woman)…so he might lacking in other areas! I’m just saying!

  • gotfreckles


    But, I do love his first CD. The Only one I really Rock in my CD Player.

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