Cut! 10 Actors And Actresses In Hollyweird Whose Movies We Still Somehow Go See

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The Worst Actors Whose Movies We Watch

We all love a good movie. Hell, we all just love going to the movies, spending $42 on a small popcorn and taking our minds off of the traumas of the world. We'll even go see some bad actors and actresses if we have to. That means we've seen some of these struggle performers try to flaunt their acting chops only to be really bad at it. So here they are: a look at some of the worst Hollyweird has to offer.
meagan good Meagan Good - We go see her in her little rom coms but she hasn't been good in a movie since Eve's Bayou.
Tyler-Perry-PF-WENN1 Tyler Perry - Whether he's wearing fake boobs or not, he still sucks as an actor.
Jennifer-Lopez J. Lo - She should stick to singing dancing having a big butt.
Beyonce-Ratchet Beyonce - She picks good scripts. Then ruins them mightily.
halle-berry Halle Berry - She has two modes: cracked out wacko and really bad actress. She does the first one really well and the second one...well.
terrence-howard Terrence Howard - Jamie Foxx was right. He plays the same role every damn movie.
jada pinkett Dwayne Johnson - Good thing he's good in action movies because he can't act to save his or a damsel in distress' life.
new-jack-city-chris-rock Chris Rock - NO more movies. Just tell jokes, please.
2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach Common - Just Wright was oh so wrong.
Marlon Wayans Celebrates His 39th Birthday In Miami With Brother Shawn The Wayans Family - Damon and Marlon have their moments but the rest of that family is just putrid in front of a camera. At least they get it honest.

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