They Did What? When Otherwise Classy Celebs Decide To Get A Bit Rowdy

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So we don't think celebrities with a ton of money and class can't have "special" moments when their hood,less classy, wild sides come out? Think again. These celebs like to be prim and proper 99% of the time, but that one percent will creep up on them. They'll get hood in a heartbeat if they need to. Don't believe us? Just take a look.
michelle-obama-eye-roll Michelle Obama - Michelle lets it slide out every once in a while. She's done the hood mating call known as the Dougie but this "I wish a mofo would" look she gave Boehner was at "I'm gonna get you, sucka" levels. Oprah - She just said she had tig ol bitties. Oprah. Give us a second.
Halle-Berry-and-Eric-Benet-1 Halle Berry - Her baby daddy and fiance had a fight on her porch on a holiday. That's pretty hood fab. Plus running away from hitting a car is pretty gully, too.
Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman - He's the voice of God. He's also getting it in with his grand-stepdaughter so there's that.
Will Smith slaps reporter for trying to kiss him on the mouth Will Smith - Some reporter tried to kiss him, so William slapped him!
mariah carey and nick cannon 120512 Mariah Carey - She's a classy diva...who shows up drunk to win her award for Precious.
ArethaFranklinPublicitybw_crop-1024x763feat Aretha Franklin - She's the Queen of soul but she totally caught us off guard with her engagement fiasco. We never saw this crazy situation forming.
evidence-of-michael-jordan-illegitimate-son Michael Jordan - Having an illegitimate baby that you tried to hide is pretty jacked up, Mike.

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