Musta Been Good: Women Who Went Absolutely Crazy After Getting Chopped Down By These Men

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Women Who Were Sprung On Men

Ladies, we're sure you've been here. Sometimes a guy puts it down so well that you lose your ever loving minds. You start getting crazy, acting irrational and may even start feeling violent. In extreme cases, you may even start to have nervous breakdowns. Well these women know exactly how you feel. These famous ladies let these men almost ruin their lives and send them over the edge of insanity. Take a look and wonder: was the loving that good? We guess. *shrug*
rihanna-smokes Rihanna - She hasn't been the same since Breezy gave her that concussion. She got crazy tattoos, started putting her body on blast and smoking all on instagram.
karrueche2 Karrueche - Breezy must have that firestarter. She's been trying to pull it together but we've seen her meltdown coming. Just chill and let Rih and Breezy do them.
ABynesfeat Amanda Bynes - Kid CuDi really just wrecked her whole world. After she tweeted about loving his good good, she sort of went off the deep end.
vivica j voz Vivica A. Fox - She was never the same after Fiddy got in those elderly gams.
Britney Spears Britney Spears - We don't know what K Fed did, but boy did he do a number on her. She shaved her head and everything.
gty_clive_davis_whitney_houston_jt_120212_wg Whitney Houston - Sadly, Whitney never could recover from the downward spiral after Bobby Brown.
Halle Berry Red dress Halle Berry - Her model baby daddy must have done something to make her act like she did. Hell, she wanted to fight Kim Kardashian just for taking him to a bball game.
Mary-J-Blige5 Mary J. Blige - K-Ci's lil skinny self had her singing every song in the key of life before getting her act together. Sort of.
left eye Left Eye - Dude. She burned her husband's house down when she thought he was cheating. Burned it to the ground.

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