The Down Low: Celebs Rumored To Be Gayfully Coupled Up With Their Friends

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Celebrities Who Are Rumored To Be Coupled Up With Friends

You know what they say, “You’re not a real celebrity until the gay rumors start.” And, as crazy as that sounds, it seems to be true. Nowadays celebs are often to seen with their army like entourage. Ya know the kush carrier to the glam squad. But if you look way in the back, you will constantly see that special ride or die friend that is faithfully by their celeb BFF's side. Makes you wonder, huh? Well hit the flip to peep some celebs who have been rumored to be spending a little too much time with their same gender friends....
51de9c29a70fc36d46caa718edb9d615 Beyonce and Rita Ora Rumors have swirled for awhile, the exotic singer was a shared gift for both Bey and Hov to spice up their marriage. tumblr_m4bp0077Xe1ru62qmo1_r2_500
WAYNE Birdman and Lil Wayne Stunin' like his daddy or kissing on him?
b-2-rsvp Beyonce and Gwen Paltrow Beyonce likes to swirl around with that fat free milk? beyonce-knowles-and-gwyneth-paltrow-costume-institute-gala-benefit-inside-new-york-05121
201106-omag-oprah-gayle-1-600x411 Oprah and Gayle They're both rich as hell, why even hide it? That's some luxurious box munching!
sean-puffy-diddy-is-gay Diddy and Nelly No reason why two grown men should be hugged up this close.
Kim+Kardashian+Kim+Kardashian+Lala+Vazquez+cDqZ1zvh8tdl Kim Kardashian and LaLa Where is Yeezy?? Melo?? We can dream right?
diddy-and-neyo-featured Diddy and Ne-Yo So much suspect in one picture.
imagejpeg_2-e1346511068640 Duane Martin and Will Smith Living that "friends with benefits" life for far too long, the only couple who could beat these two are....
diddykiss4001 Diddy and this guy
Rihanna London Rihanna and Melissa Forde While Rih was healing her broken heart from Chris Brown's fists, rumors spread that her BFF was helping to ease the pain.
is-that-trey-songz We forget anyone??

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