Shady Divorces: A Witness Set To Testify That T.D. Jakes Helped Deion Sanders Hide His Money So Pilar Couldn’t Take Half!

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The plot thickens…

Witness For Pilar Sanders Testifies That T.D. Jakes Helped Deion Hide Money Prior To Divorce

Nikke and Fred

Texas resident Nikke Sanni claims that she dated Gospel superstar Fred Hammond for 2 years. In an interview with CherryOnTop, she alleges that one night T.D. Jakes and Deion Sanders held a meeting at Fred’s home to discuss how the Hall of Fame baller could conceal his money to keep Pilar from taking half of his football funds in their impending divorce.

Did you have a relationship with either Deion or Pilar Sanders prior to you coming forward?

NS: No.

You allege that you were dating Fred Hammond at the time of the incident you are about to speak of, correct?

NS: Absolutely.

How long had the two of you been dating?

NS: We were dating for approximately a year before this meeting, and we dated for another year after it happened, so it was a total of two years.

Hit the flipper to read the details of what Nikke heard during Deion’s clandestine conversation.


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