Wrap City: Top 10 Artists NOBODY Cares About Anymore, Pt. 2

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Every artist has their moment before cheers turn into boos and bright lights dim. With hundreds of once popular rappers/singers fighting irrelevancy and only 10 spots, we had to make a Pt. 2 (and maybe even a Pt. 3, 4 and 5).

Here are ten more artists NOBODY cares about anymore. Take a look.

ja-rule-vibe-put-it on-me

Ja Rule

Before 50 shut down his entire life, Ja was one of the biggest Rap stars, maybe ever. Currently serving time in federal prison for tax evasion, his legendary fall from grace into irrelevancy is a true American tragedy.


Master P

Legendary Rap mogul. Brilliant entrepreneur. Album cover innovator. 45-year-old struggle rapper/father of NINE who refuses to ride off into the sunset in his golden tank.


Busta Rhymes

Last year, the cartoonish legend signed to YMCMB and released a FREE album no one cared about. 40, signed to YOUNG Money with an unhealthily-obese neck = Busta’s life, 17 years after “Woo-Hah.”


LeToya Luckett

You wanted the innocent victim of Bey Bey’s wrath to win as a solo artist but she suffered from severe Kelly Rowlanditis. In most minds, she’s the prettiest Destiny’s Child member who lacked the star power to truly flourish.



Top 5, dead or alive…of all-time? Jadakiss? Who only has three hits in 12+ years? But he has the audacity to name his new album “Top 5, dead or alive?” Bruh, it’s BEEN over.


Pretty Ricky

“Pure filth, body oil and glitter” is the best way to describe the raunchy R&B/Rap group that peaked with “On The Hotline.” In retrospect, Pretty Ricky was basically Plies + Prince x 4. According to Wiki, their new album drops this year. Why?


Marques Houston

Famously-rumored to have smashed Bey Bey’s Creolian cakes to smithereens, he’s a shining example of an artist who tried waaaaay too hard to be everything he’s not, musically.

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The weirdly-gorgeous (and talented) singer somehow fizzled into a walking “Milkshake” punchline despite her impressive catalog. Now she just lives off Nas child support check-to-check. SMH.



The gimmicky Rap phenomenon has rapped in fast-forward his entire career. Same flow, cadence and “Wait…..what?”-speed. 16 years ago, it was “fresh, new and exciting.” In 2013? Stressful.


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