Bow Down, Bey: Beyonce’s 10 Worst Songs Of All Time

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Beyonce's 10 Worst Songs

Beyonce is really smelling herself these days. She's singing in Inaugurations, running Super Bowl Halftime shows and starring in Disney flicks. She's feeling herself so much that she said none of you women can compare to her with her new "Bow Down" song. But let's not get it twisted: Bey has put out some stinkers. So for those of you looking to throw shade at Bey (here's look at you, Keyshia Cole), here are her worst 10 songs of all time.
beyonce deja vu video Deja Vu - This was like the follow-up to "Crazy In Love" but it wasn't as good and it featured Beyonce doing all sorts of weird contortions in her dance. Let's forget this happened.
Beyonce telephone Video Telephone - WTF was this? Bey Bey trying to get in on Lady Gaga's steez was not the right move.
Beyonce 'Diva' video Diva - Are we still doing that Sasha Fierce thing? This fake "A Milli" song was not the move.
7-beyonce-run-the-world Run The World - This is possibly Bey's worst song ever. Was she on bath salts?
beyonce shakira Beautiful Lie - Sure, the video was nice to look at but these two put together a stinker.
mathew knowles Beyonce Daddy - Corny. And even worse when you see how crappy of a dad he is. Not her fault on that part, but still.
beyonce-rocking-grills Kitty Kat - Leave the super freaky songs to Kelly Rowland, okay? this isn't you, boo.
Beyonce-Bow-Down-600x597 Bow Down - Yes, we'll already count this as one of her worst. There's no denying it.
Inaugural Swearing In Bonnie & Clyde - This was Jigga featuring his boo. And though it was his song, they worked together and it's bad for both of their catalogues.
beyonce-roc-sign-for-jay-z Hip-Hop Star - Big Boi killed it. But that whispery singing thing she did was not the lick. We're glad she ditched that.

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