We Got This: An Inside Look At Barry-O And Chelly-O Handling Business, Serving The People, And Loving Each Other [Photos]

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8555058960_1826dee420_z Sweet Black Love & Politics, now THAT would be a helluva reality show.

A Look At The Daily Lives Of Barack And Michelle Obama

Sure the Camel and Lord Beysus Christ are a major power couple, but there is only one husband and wife that runs the world, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The POTUS and the FLOTUS have a lot on their plate from day-to-day. Meetings, appearances, interviews, raising family, and oh yeah, protecting the interests and growth of the United States of America. It's not an easy gig, but these too make it look like a lot of fun! Hit the flip to see the Barry and Chelly work the crowd. Image via The White House
8553910913_65f7d1365c_z Do that funky dance white boy.
8555020006_e08b12c380_z Feet up, chillin'. Dang it feels good to be a POUTS.
8553932255_d72131b6d7_z Uncle Joe crazy as hell lol.
8553938251_90099e4232_z Up, up, to the skyyyy...
8553943909_3af1bdf6a0_z Barry-O kickin' the truth to the young black youth.
8555051304_8e317a2c93_z Barry-O loves the kids in the ATL shawty!
8555051302_52f66bce80_z Gotta show respect to the vets.
8555058960_1826dee420_z Beautiful black women. Robin Roberts and Chelly-O
8553953769_09f3c00e33_z "Everybody clap yo' hands!"
8555063238_e3e65c53f8_z "I give a eff 'bout them haters long as my FLOTUS love me."
8553956217_a3464232c6_z Turn UP!
8555063338_249d24b104_z "I see youuuuuu!"
8555066920_39b04c4685_z Chelly-O and Big Bird cookin' up in the kitchen.
8555071722_4f657553bd_z Chelly-O doin' the same ol' two-step.
8555071818_923d0314b6_z "You gotta have a strong pimp hand playa, don't let her just talk to you any ol' way."
8555105682_77dfd7c073_z Looks like Michelle Obama's children's health campaign is working.

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