If It Ain’t White, It Ain’t Right: More Black Celebrities Who Have Bleached Their Skin For Beauty

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BD-SkinBleaching Light skin is the right skin?

Black Celebrities Who Have Allegedly Bleached Their Skin

Whether it was admitted or denied, a lot of Black Hollyweird is getting lighter for some reason and a lot of people suspect skin bleaching. Some can argue that celebrities are influenced to do it because of the better treatment lighter complexions receive in Hollywood for television, magazines, and better endorsements. However, we can all agree that these celebs have gotten a little lighter over the years and it ain’t just photoshop! Hit the flip and peep for yourself...
bleach1 Dawn Richard
tbleach10 You already know...
bleach2 Tempest Bledsoe
bleach8 Keri Hilson
bleach4 Michael Jackson
mshoza-skin-bleach Mshoza
bleach9 Lark Voorhies
bleach6 Diana Ross
bleach3 Iman
bleach10 We forget anyone?

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