Blue Dolphins: Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Taking Viagra

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Celebrities Who Talk About Popping Viagra

Viagra. It's been touted as the miracle drug to make your intimate lives better. It's generally been used by older men but rappers and younger guys have been getting into the swing of it for recreation. Or...maybe they need it. Anyway, here are some men not ashamed to admit they use Viagra.
bigboi Big Boi - He was contained for having ecstacy pills...and Viagra on a cruise with his wife. Big replied by saying "I thought it was the love boat!" Gotta love Big.
50-Cent-PF-WENN2 50 Cent - He recently rapped that he took "X and Viagra now my d*** hard"....well then. He is getting older.
2chainz 2Chainz - On his new song "Crack," he said he thinks he mixed a Viagra with a coke. Is that a thing?
frank ocean Frank Ocean - He's also sung about popping Viagras. How romantic.
lil-b Lil B - He raps about Viagra. A lot. Is there a problem here, B?
Hugh Hugh Hefner - Well, of course. He's as old as dirt.
68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Beverly Hilton Michael Douglas - Sure, he needs it to keep up with Catherine Zeta Jones' ol fine self.
jack-nicholson-man-boobs Jack Nicholson - He says he needs Viagra...only with two women at once though. Baller.
irvgottiashanti Irv Gotti - He got popped for Ex and Viagra, too. Fun times, no?

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