Ho Sit Down: Legendary Songwriter Paul Anka Says The Camel Is A D-Bag That Won’t Return His Phone Calls About Featuring On A Michael Jackson Record!

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Anka Hov

Wasn’t the embarrassment bad enough the first time?!

Paul Anka Says He’s Angry With Jay-Z For Not Returning His Phone Calls

According to TMZ reports:

Paul Anka — one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time — is calling out Jay-Z … telling TMZ the rapper treated him like a chump … and now Anka is PISSED.

Anka was outside Madeo restaurant in L.A. last night, when we asked about his upcoming album “Duets” — which features collaborations with legends like Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan and Dolly Parton.

But you know who isn’t on the album? Jigga … because according to Anka, Mr. Knowles didn’t have the common courtesy to return a simple phone call!!!

Anka says he feels completely disrespected — and says Jay acted “inappropriately” towards him … especially since Jay once sampled Anka’s biggest hit “My Way” on a rap song.

Now, Anka is escalating his anger into a full on war of the music titans — and even took a shot back at Jay-Z.

Hov certainly seems to have a problem respecting his elders.

Listen to Paul tell it below.

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