15 Minutes: 10 Celebrities We Won’t Remember A Year From Now

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Celebrities We Won't Care About Next Year

Fifteen minutes. That's all most people have these days. Fame comes and goes like a forlorn lover. It's fleeting. So these celebrities have to just go ahead and slore away their time and hope we still remember them in a year. Spoiler alert: we won't. Take a look at these celebrities we'll forget in no time.
Here-Comes-Honey-Boo-Boo-is-Popular-Right-Now Honey Boo Boo - We're so tired of her. Can they just give her the money and let her go to school or something.
Pilar and Kandie Pilar Sanders - Once Deion finalizes the divorce, she'll just be another has been ex wife we no longer care about.
Kaylin Garcia and Joe Budden Kaylin Garcia - She's destined for the purgatory known as "I used to chop down Joe Budden." It's a dark, lonely place.
keyshia-cole-music Keyshia Cole - Her career is all struggle. Add in the fact she crossed Beyonce and we know the Illuminati dogs will have her gone in no time.
Karrueche2 Karrueche - Breezy wants nothing to do with her. Neither do we.
1151719-Consequence-Press-Photo-617x409 Consequence - Admit you barely knew him before the reality show and you aren't going to be checking for him after it.
trinidad-james_06 Trinidad James - He has one hit. It's a damnn good hit. But it might be his only one.
rocsi-diaz-photo-shoot_0-e1342189412506 Rocsi - Are we really going to be checking for her after 106 & Park?
Kerifeat Keri Hilson - See: Keyshia Cole. Plus she hasn't had a hit in forever.
guccimane2ta6 Gucci Mane - He's going to be in jail for a minute and is heading pretty close to DMX territory. It's over for the only pregnant male rapper in the game.

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