Just Be Yourselves: Stars Who Are Trying So Hard To Be Like Other Celebrities

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The Biggest Celebrity Swagger Jackers

Shouldn't we all just want to be ourselves? That's what our parents told us to do. Stay true to who we are and don't try to be other people. Well, some celebrities aren't quite like that. In fact, these celebrities try their best to mimic others by jocking their style on the way to fame. It's quite sad to see, actually. Just take a look at these celebrities who want nothing more than to be just like other famous people.
Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant - He wishes with all his heart he were Michael Jordan. But he's not even close.
Kerifeat Keri Hilson - She thought that since she wrote some sings she could be Beyonce. *blank stare*
CiaraAnnex Ciara- Remember when she thought she was the new Janet Jackson? And she was the only one who thought that?
rick-ross-summer-jam Rick Ross - Tell this fool that no matter how hard he tries he isn't the next Biggie.
KirkoBangzFreestyle-300x166 Kirko Bangz - You sir, are not Drake. But you can keep singing until you believe it, brotha.
dwight howard camilla poindexter Dwight Howard - He says he doesn't want to be Shaq but he took the Superman gimmick and moved to LA.
keyshia-cole-120 Keyshia Cole - She's trying to be Mary J Blige with the "this is my struggle" music. Um. Sit.
rita-ora-cara-delevigne Rita Ora - You ain't Rihanna. Sorry.
winter talks getting around Winter Ramos - She wants to be Superhead with her dumb tell all. So you banged some guys and...?
trinidad-james_06 Trinidad Jame$ - It's amazing how quickly someone wants to be 2Chainz.

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