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Barack Obama speaks at the MTV/Myspace forum:

“If I didn’t think I was the best president for the job, I wouldn’t be running. Your next president will believe in the Constitution, which you can’t say about your current president. Part of my job as president I think is to deliver a message that everybody is part of the American family. Not just some people. And obviously as somebody who is African-American — my mother is from Kansas, my father was from Kenya, I grew up in Indonesia, I have a sister who looks Spanish, I’ve got a brother in law who is Chinese-Canadian — I’m very sensitive to making sure that everybody feels a part of America. And that’s one of the things I think I can bring to this presidency. The day I’m inaugurated the country will look at itself differently and I think be more tolerant.

The politics of hope … is not based on us all holding hands and singing ‘Kumbaya’. It is based on the idea that instead of people operating on the basis of fear, instead of people operating on the basis of division, I want people to come together and focus on the problems that we face: health care, education, global warming. We are not going to be able to solve those problems if we don’t talk about them honestly. And we’ve got to have a serious debate. Senator Clinton and I have differences. If I didn’t think I was the best president for the job, I wouldn’t be running. As long as I understand that this is not about either me or her, but this is about the American people and whether they’re getting the kind of leadership they deserve, I think we’ll be just fine. I think democracy is served by a vigorous debate.”

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