Just Log Off: A List Of Celebs Who Need To Be Put On Twitter And Instagram Time Out

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742557462 For some folks beefing and attention sloring on social media is a full-time job. Hit the flip for a list of the Celebs who need to just log off!
Keyshia Cole Keyshia Cole Whether it's her hubby Boobie, Beyoncé or Michelle Williams, Off-Keyshia is never shy about saying how she feels. Here's how we feel though -- until she learns how to say something nice, she needs to go to Twitter jail.
Donald Trump Donald Trump The filthy rich reality star is a public nuisance who voices his obnoxious opinion on everything from Obama's birthplace to Halle Berry's baby daddy drama. Unless he wants his gerbil furred hairpiece knocked off we suggest he STFU.
chris-brown-smoking-weed Chris Brown Where shall we begin? The homophobic rants on Twitter? The crackish looking selfies? The constant deleting of out of pocket tweets? Beefing for hours with Raz B? How about deleting and recreating accounts every 15 months? Just leave it alone bruh.
756248199 Amanda Bynes Until she learns to stop with the flash heavy twitpics and her infatuation with Canada Dry Drake we're gonna need Amanda to find another place for self-reflection, preferably a padded room in the office of a well experienced psychiatrist.
chadjohnsonfeature Chad Ochocinco Johnson When he isn't using Twitter like it's Backpages Chad can't decide whether to tear down or build up his ex-wife on Twitter. She may have solved the problem for now by filing a "Cease and Desist" against him, but what about us?
NickiMinajfeat Nicki Minaj When she was just tweeting and retweeting her Barbz it was bad enough, but beefing with radio hosts and former "American Idol" contestants is just plain stupid. Besides, there should be a rule that if you quit Twitter more than once you can't come back. Have a seat Nicki.
vibe-vixen-joe-budden-kaylin-garcia-instagram Joe Budden He resurrected his career with his self-taped video blog series starring his big bootied boo thang Tahiry, then turned Instagram into an online pleasure palace dominated by his young ratchet romance with Kaylin. Some folks need to learn to "keep it in the bedroom" and off the interwebs!
leann-rimes LeAnn Rimes The country singer turned homewrecker attracted hordes of haters on Twitter over her husband (and kid) stealing shenannigans and starving African child physique. It became too much for the frail Hollyweird star, forcing her to flee to rehab before eventually filing a bullying lawsuit against ordinary citizens who made sure Twitter wasn't safe for her. Just log off, B.
tyrese-feat Tyrese Until Twitter comes equipped with autocorrect, grammar correct and idiot-proofing his 140 character philosophies are better left in drafts...
J.R. Smith J.R. Smith After being fined $25K for putting Tahiry's big ole badunk on his Twitter timeline you'd think he'd learned something, but J.R. only further embarrassed himself by using his 140 characters to woo K.Michelle and offer up his pipe to a high school girl. Time for this Dot-Com-Don-Juan to retire from Twitter.
charlamagne Charlamagne Da God He's such a hilarious fixture on Twitter that we'd hate to see him go, but after posting up a photo of the nastiest stained pair of panties we've ever seen on Instagram we're inclined to make that recommendation. So what if he deleted the pic, our eyeballs were already scarred! What kind of nasty scallywags are giving this guy the business? Yuck!

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