Above The Law?? Beyonce And Hubby Hov In Hot Water For Celebrating 5th Wedding Anniversary In Communist Cuba


Was Bey breaking the law by visiting Cuba??

Beyonce And Jay Z Visit Cuba For Anniversary

Via TMZ reports:

Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated their wedding anniversary with an opportunely timed trip to Cuba that raises some questions, like … is this strictly for pleasure, or maybe a little business too?

B and ‘Hova were photographed strolling all over Havana on Thursday … their 5th anniversary.

Technically, US citizens are not supposed to travel to the communist nation from the states if it’s purely for tourism … though there are ways to skirt the travel ban.

For instance, travelers can obtain a “cultural exchange” license from the US government.

Also, remember Jay-Z just launched his own sports agency to represent athletes, like baseball players — and anyone scouting baseball players knows Cuba is a gold mine.

It’s not clear if baseball qualifies as “cultural exchange” — or if Jay and Beyonce obtained a travel license.

Beyonce Knowles,  Jay-Z

If Dennis Rodman can hang out North Korean dictators then King Bey can go kick it with Castro….


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