Jay-Z and Beyonce are the Ace of Spades

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Hova and Beyonce hosted a Pre-Inauguration party at Love Nightclub in Washington D.C., in very close quarters with the fans. A good time was had by all, even Solange, although her who farted face may not show it. SMH

Pop the hood and see more of the celebration



  • TiTi


  • Yve

    Why is Beyonce’s hair only decent when a “live” camera is not supposed to be present. She is like Mimi who only looks human and doesn’t pose when she isn’t aware of a camera or a crew.

  • OMG! WTF!


  • Gemma

    tres. slow day

  • http://bossip Ms Keys


  • OMG! WTF!


  • Reality Check

    I’m so sick of these “johnny come lately” artist and entertainers gleening psuedo political views and movements like they are the latest fashion. Jay-Z as he wears his Lincoln T-shirt, probably does not know anything about the political philosophy of Lincoln, he’s “jocking” Lincoln because Lincoln is Obama’s political inspiration. Jay-Z should really read the real reason why Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation. It was not because of Lincoln honestly seeing slavery as being immoral, Lincoln viewed Blacks as still being inferior to whites, but it was a political and financial move for the Union. History is as important as champange!!!!! Jay-Z and all of these other fools are a straight embarrasment for all of those who have blood for the rights of Blacks in this country.

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Man, I just don't care

    Chea!! The Eagles lost!!

  • Gemma

    @Reality check
    You know thats the first thing i thought when i saw these pics. Well ya cant change the world or some peoples levels of ignorance.

  • Kantrustem

    Blah Blah Blah

  • Moreaces

    Imma have to check out Love night club, never been there..

  • http://bossip.com hater

    @Reality Check
    DUDE, get a life

  • Reality Check

    Hater, Get a clue and I am not a DUDE!!!!!

  • black friday

    @Reality Check:
    You are the ignorant one. Of course Lincoln thought blacks were inferior to whites. That was the general perception at the time. You can’t be mad at him for believing what everybody else (even blacks) believed at that time. Thats like calling people stupid for believing the world was flat before Columbus.
    Lincoln was a GREAT president and not just because he freed the slaves…Maybe you should be the one who reads a history book!

  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    Yes, Reality Check- Lincoln was a “free-soiler” The Free-Soil party believed that men on free soil in the west(non-slave states) should remain free- he did not want slavery to expand. As for the slave states, he did not give a damn. He DID NOT WANT SLAVERY TO EXPAND TO FREE STATES! HE WAS NOT AGAINST SLAVERY IN SLAVE STATES!

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