Catch Fade: Kim Zolciak Almost Came To Blows With Freaky Broad On Flight Trying To Get It On With Her Husband On A Plane

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Kim Zolciak seen leaving SoHo Hotel with husband Kroy Biermann

Freaks on a plane???

Via NY Post:

“Real Housewife” Kim Zolciak is as feisty off camera as on. She nearly came to blows with a woman on a flight to New York on Tuesday for allegedly hitting on her hubby, Atlanta Falcon star Kroy Biermann. The fracas began after the other woman thought Zolciak and Biermann had entered the bathroom to join the mile-high club — and the unidentified passenger also wanted to become a member with Biermann. “I’m claustrophobic in the bathrooms on planes, so I always have my husband hold the door [shut],” Zolciak told us at a Bravo presentation at Pillars 37 Studios. The other woman apparently mistakenly thought Biermann slipped into the toilet with Kim for an intimate encounter. Zolciak said that when she exited, “This lady’s looking at me like I’m going to get it on with my husband in the bathroom . . . I’m kind of walking back to my seat and my husband walks out, and she looks at him and winks and [starts] flirting.” Back at her seat, the reality star told Biermann she was going to go back and confront the woman. But “my husband was, like, ‘Just sit down.’ ”



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